Our Story

When baby Oscar was ready to start weaning, mum Louise put her Cordon Bleu chef training into action. She created delicious meals that introduced a range of healthy foods and textures in an appropriate way. Watching Oscar enjoying his food made Louise want to share her experience.

She invited friends and their little ones to learn to cook with her, designing meals that were suitable for the whole family.

Cookery classes

Aimed at demystifying the weaning and feeding process, Baby Bites will show you how to produce meals full of flavour that your little one(s) will love. We call these ‘baby-friendly real meals’ because you can feed the whole family the same meal, which makes life so much easier.

You’ll also meet other mums and dads and can share your best tips, learn from theirs and learn in a fun and informal way.

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There are currently no upcoming classes