What will I get out of a class?

Our workshops are designed to give parents confidence and skills when it comes to feeding their child. We show you how to get your child eating family foods, rather than having to cook a separate meal for them. It’s a great opportunity to meet other parents, the classes are very sociable. Get top tips and nutritional advice relevant to each stage of your child’s development. You will leave with printouts of everything covered in the class and all the food you make during class.

Where are the workshops held?

Workshops run from Bishopston or Stoke Bishop in Bristol. We can come to your house if you would like an individual or group session with friends.

What times are the Workshops?

We run each workshop several times a month. If you have a group of 4-8, we will run a class at a time that suits your group. If you are an individual or smaller group then we will do our best to organise a class with others at a time that suits you.

How much are the workshops?

The workshop are from £30 per class. The 4 week weaning course is £100.

Do I need to bring anything?

All the organic ingredients, equipment and containers for you to take the food home in will be supplied. Drinks and biscuits will also be available. If your cookery class spans lunchtime please feel free to bring a light lunch with you. You may wish to bring a cool bag or box to transport your meals home. Please tie hair back if you have long hair and remove rings and bracelets. if possible, other than simple wedding bands.

Will the workshops work for us if my baby or child has a special diet?

Please let us know of any special dietary requirements or allergies, we will do our best to accommodate them. All ingredients will be listed in the day’s notes/handouts. We will exclude foods that your baby may be allergic to.

What age does my baby need to be to come to a class?

You can start the class at any time. All food can be frozen and can be kept in the freezer for up to three months. Baby Bites will be able to answer all your questions in relation to getting set-up for weaning your child.

Can my child come to the workshop with me?

Yes, there will be a soft play area set up for them. There will be lots of yummy food for them to try too.

Will I get to cook at the workshop?

It’s a combination of demonstration and hands on cookery.

How many people will be in the workshop?

We can take a maximum of 8 in our kitchens. If you would like to do the course with a bigger group of friends, usually it’s suggested that the group is split in two.

What do the classes cover?

You will be shown several easy recipes appropriate to your child’s age. There will be a discussion about feeding and nutrition, giving you a chance to talk to other parents with children at a similar stage as you. You will get lots of useful tips and nutritional advice. Get lots of ideas on how to get your whole family eating healthily.

How do I pay for a course/class?

We will send you payment details when you book. You can pay by BAC’s or cheque.

Are vouchers available for Baby Bites?

Yes, vouchers are available and are redeemable against all classes. Please contact us at hello@babybites.co.uk for more details.

My baby needs constant attention, will I be able to take part in the class?

The format of the class will allow you to spend as much time with your baby as needed whilst still being able to see and hear what is going on.

Do you have room for my buggie?

Yes, we have room for buggies.

How will I carry food home?

We provide BPA free pots to take home the food you make on the day. Food made on the day must be placed in the fridge within 2 hours of cooking. Please bring a cool bag and cool packs if you are attending on a hot day or if you have a long journey home.

My baby is 9-12 months old is it to late to start the weaning course?

Not at all. You can start the course at any stage.

Can dad’s attend the class?

Of course, dad’s, grandparents, aunts etc are all more then welcome to attend our classes.

There are currently no upcoming classes